3D and Stereo Images

Our image acquisition techniques allow us to record 3d data in raw files. This data can be used to generate stereo-pairs and 3d models. 3D images are more informative compared to simple still images. However, visualizing a stereo image requires either a specialized screen or using stereo-visualization techniques such as eye crossing.

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The most common way of visualizing stereo pairs is cross-eye viewing, which is a technique that gives the best results on traditional screens. Unfortunately, for most people the technique requires significant time commitment to develop the skills.

A few links explaining how to view stereo pairs (cross-eye): 1, 2.

Take into account that 3d formats are still being developed and you can't experience the full quality of the originals yet.

Our 3d-galleries are available here:

Phereo gallery

for those who have 3d-enabled screens or red-cyan glasses


Nvidia 3d Vision gallery

second link offers better full-screen viewing experience if you use nvidia 3d

Stereopair gallery

for those who know the cross-eye viewing technique

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