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  • Rabia Dharma

    on June 13, 2014

    Amazing vídeos and pictures! Thank you for sharing this incredible beauty!

  • Jo Anne Simson

    on May 21, 2014

    The videos are absolutely lovely. I took a course in marine invertebrate zoology at Woods Hole (MA) while a graduate student in human anatomy. Wow, did that ever open my eyes to the complexity of life we normally never even see! Your videos have captured that complexity and wonder. Thanks!
    BTW, if you'd ever like any feedback or editing on your captions, I'd be glad to help, free.


  • Pat Elvin

    on March 29, 2014

    Your photos and videos are very beautiful. It's obvious you've put time and thought into them. And thanks for posting wallpaper for those of us that can't afford art prints. It is very generous of you.

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