Putting images on the wall is far from the only way of using the existing printing technologies and enjoying your favorite photos.

Our products are offered through a print-on-demand service. The store offers a selection of items that make great gifts for reef lovers, microscopy nerds, marine biologists, or simply those who enjoy our photography


Postcards and Greeting cards - available in different formats in this store section. Cards feature coral close ups and microscopic animals.

Ceramic coral and microscopy photo mugs - chose your favorite image here

Phone, Tablet, and Laptop cases - chose your device type and case/skin type: iPhone, Galaxy, iPad, Laptop back.

Notebooks, journals, and comfortable mousepads with wrist support - chose your item here. Notebooks are available through this store.

Wallets, small bags, laptop sleeves - studio pouches available from this store. Drawstring bags here. Other accessories can be selected here,  laptop photo sleeves here.

Bed & cloths - large bed covers featuring my full-sized images, scarves, and throw pillows available.

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