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Zoanthids are about the most beautiful soft corals out there. They are found in great diversity of colours and very tough to identify. The imaged area was around 2 cm in width. <a href=""> Close-up</a> of this image illustrating the amount of details captured.<br><br>30x45 inch and above recommended for the size.
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3d 3d coral 3d reef 3d screen abstract acan acanthastrea acropora algae alien alveopora anaglyph anatomy ancora animation aquatic baby beanches black black background blastomussa blue blue background branch branching bryozoa bubbles buds cell center ceriodaphnia cilia ciliates circulatory system close up closed closeup cnidarian collotheca ornata colony colorful colors colour colourful colours compact contracted copepod coral coral disease corallimorph crab cristatella mucedo crustacean culex cyan cyclops cyphastrea daphnia dark depth detail details diatom dic difference discosoma eggs embryos euphyllia extreme macro eye eyes favites filterfeeder flower fluorescence focus stack focus stack purple focusstack freshwater fungia gills glowing gold polyp goniopora gray background green green purple gut hammer hard coral head healthy coral hermit crab hidden hydra hydra viridis inner organs inner structure insect internal structure intricate invertebrate larva larvae layers leather coral lobophyllia lps macro magenta magnification mantis shrimp margenta mayfly maze mesocyclops micro microscope moina mollusc mollusk molt montipora mosquito moss animal mouth mouths symphillia muscles mycedium nerves nucleus nymph octocoral oligochaeta open orange organge osculum ostracod ostracode pattern patterns pavona photomacrography photomicrography pink pinks plankton plant platygyra pleuroxus truncatus pocillopora damicomis polarized polarized light polychaete polyp polyphemus polyps predator psammocora pseudotentacles pupa purple radial rainbow rainbow platygyra rare coral red red tentacles reef rhodactis ricordea rotifer sarcophyton scolimia scolymia seashell secale seed seed shrimp seedling setae shell shrimp sick coral simocephalus skeleton small pigment spots soft coral sponge spots stack stereo stereoscopic stress response super macro supermacro surface symbiosis telson tentacles tenticles texture tissue trachyphyllia transparent trap tubastrea turbinaria ultramacro underwater upclose volvox water flea white yellow zoanthid zoanthids zoanthus zooid structure zooids
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