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Video Use and Licensing

Online video use

My online clips (YouTube and Vimeo) can be shared (embedded) in social networks,  non-commercial websites, and personal blogs - all according to vimeo license. They can also be a part of non-commercial educational presentation.

Please contact me if you are embedding my video on a high-traffic news website to discuss links and text.

The video material cannot be edited or adapted for your purposes without my permission, even when it comes to a home-made non-commercial Youtube clip. In other words, no derivatives. Uploading videos to other online services or duplicating it on youtube or vimeo is prohibited without a license, as well as airing on TV. Same applies for streaming videos in public places.

When you embed my video, please make sure it is hosted from my YouTube or Vimeo account.

"Slow Life" is not on YouTube and won't appear on that service. Despite frequent requests for uploading "Slow Life" to YouTube and complaints that Vimeo is slow, I am unable to do so due to quality issues. YouTube doesn't enable highest quality by default and this clip is all about quality. The clip's success was achieved utterly due to Vimeo's HD mode - experience that most YouTube-browsing people miss. In other words, vimeo's content loads slower because there's a lot more data to download to achieve better quality. Without that extra data "Slow Life"is pointless to watch.

Stock footage

For those interested in source footage, I have a growing video stock collection made through the microscope and ultra-macro lenses. I am happy to discuss any projects and recommend certain sequences that I have. My footage is available in up to 5+k resolution.

Focus stacking time lapses represent unique media content with stunning resolution and amount of detail. In 4k (or higher) resolution, these videos create a tremendous visual impact on a display of any size.

My topics are extremely specialized, the content is hard and expensive to produce, and I am not licensing footage for non-commercial (such as private or any zero-budget productions) uses anymore. Any footage made using University of Queensland facilities or related to my university activities cannot be licensed directly and requires permits, paperwork, and discussion with my department.


I work in partnership with Plankton Productions and NUMA, thus I am able to offer stock footage bundles combining underwater stock footage of various cinematographers in addition to my work. Our stock footage is diverse in topics. Please feel free to ask for specifics.

No free videos

I am a full time PhD student and have many commitments in addition to cinematography (which is my career, not a hobby). Due to necessity to write/copy-paste this info almost every day I am making my position public, in hopes to gain some time, which I could actually use for photo/video.

Although non-commercial sharing of my published videos is free, I charge for use of stock footage and public screening/TV airing of my online clips.
Giving videos away is highly disrespectful towards my clients who purchased videos from me in the past or planning to do so in the future. In addition, it destroys the media market and makes my future career tougher.

Please check out this page to find that your arguments most likely have been voiced and answered to before.
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