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Video Use and Licensing

Online video use

My online clips (YouTube and Vimeo) can be shared (embedded) in social networks,  non-commercial websites, and personal blogs.They can also be a part of educational presentation. Pretty much like pictures.

Please contact me if you are embedding my video on a high-traffic news website.

The video material cannot be edited or adapted for your purposes without my permission, even when it comes to a home-made non-commercial Youtube clip. In other words, no derivatives. Uploading videos to other online services or duplicating it on youtube or vimeo is prohibited without a license, as well as airing on TV. Same applies for streaming videos in public places.

When you embed my video, please make sure it is hosted from my YouTube or Vimeo account.

Stock footage

For those interested in source footage, I have a growing video stock collection made through the microscope and ultra-macro lenses. I am happy to discuss any projects and recommend certain sequences that I have. My footage is available in up to 5+k resolution. My topics are extremely specialized and I am not licensing footage for non-commercial purposes anymore.

Quality remarks

Many of my clients are extremely demanding towards image quality. I am ready to provide full-sized watermarked samples upon request, which tells a lot more that what I could describe with plain text.

While I am struggling to produce the best quality content possible, not sparing on file storage and processing time, in some instances I am forced to go a few steps down. The reason is: most animals are very light sensitive. Macro/microscopy imaging is particularly light hungry. I refuse to employ unethical approaches in videography and thus avoid stressing my "stars." Not to mention that stress causes them to behave unnaturally or even kill. Many aspects of behaviour are only possible to observe in low-light. In case of corals the most interesting stuff happens at night, with minimum ambient light that is barely enough to make out shapes with the naked eye.

As you can imagine, iso 100 and 120 fps are out of question. That is why most of my real time videos are in 24 fps. It is not uncommon for me to use iso 12800 and I seldom have anything below iso 1600. Noise, as you could see in my vimeo samples, has never ruined the final impact. You will have to accept some limitations.


No free videos

I am a full time PhD student and have many commitments in addition to videography. Some people seem to not get the simple fact that video production costs money and takes time. Due to necessity to write/copy-paste this info almost every day I am making my position public, in hopes to gain some time, which I could actually use for photo/video.

Although non-commercial sharing of my published videos is free, I charge for use of stock footage and public screening/TV airing of my online clips.
I depend on licensing and work for hire, which funds my time, gear, and travel. Therefore I am very strict with copyright policies and licensing fees. Simply because I do not own a large video production company doesn't imply that my work is just a hobby. In addition, giving videos away is highly disrespectful towards my clients who purchased videos from me in the past or planning to do so in the future.

Please don't use following arguments: (remark: answers to these arguments in my emails would be worded more professionally)

- You will get exposure and recognition - tell that to your surgeon asking for a free operation. By the way, I am not suffering from the lack of recognition.

- I am broke / have no budget - use this argument in a store, I am sure you can fill a whole trolley for free and just walk away. Good luck.

- Our project is non-commercial - your project doesn't make my gear or life in Australia cheaper ((

-  We are the coolest studio/company/channel and we are entitled to have your videos for free (this argument is usually worded in a slightly different way and combined with the no budget one) - I am flattered by your consideration to obtain my videos! But I am sorry that  you are broke in this economy. I'll gladly accept your offer if you let me use space on your  super-highly-viewed website and tv airing time to put my commercials so I can make some profit! You obviously suck at making money on that so I'll have a go and everyone will be happy.

- You are a researcher working in a top Australian university, you should have all your gear and filming material as part of your project! - Oops, my photography and videography has nothing to do with university activities. All done in spare time and funded from my pocket. In fact, I often use my personal gear for research (live imaging and stuff).

- But my previous contributors gave away all their work for free! - Art (and often camera work) is being devalued today. If you don't pay artists, photographers, and cinematographers, they will give up on the cool stuff they are doing and get regular jobs instead of turning the world into more excited place while you will be earning money on their content. Working at McDonalds will be a lot more rewarding than your offer and that's exactly what you want us to do. I am against this tendency and strongly encourage all artist to demand industry standard payment for their publications so they don't dig their own grave and don't let down their colleagues.  I don't care about losing a few million views, but I care about setting a good example, ensuring that I'll be able to do what I love in the future, and seeing cool stuff from my colleagues. Go and find cat videos on YouTube - they are the new form of free modern art and make money on them.

- I just want to share something beautiful and it's non-commercial, what' the big deal? (another way of saying "you are a greedy and selfish artist!") - My online clips are 1) free 2) non-watermarked (I believe my style is my watermark) 3) easy to give link to 4) I put quite a lot of efforts on them just for the sake of sharing something beautiful. If you want to share something beautiful either give link to it or make your own stuff. The Internet today is all about copy-pasting, reproducing, reusing over and over,  repeating,  remixing, and being non-imaginative in general.

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