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Daniel Stoupin

I am a nature cinematographer, photographer, and artist working at Plankton Productions in Australia.

My interest in photography (especially photomicrography) comes from the scientific background. Working with microscopic protists during my first research years and later swimming countless nights with glowing plankton in the ocean opened my eyes on the diversity and complexity of life that we can't see without tools. Our perception is too limited to be able to appreciate the surrounding world. That is why I use my research skills and knowledge in optics to push the limits of digital imaging and disclose the beauty of nature invisible to our eyes.

Most of my images are not single shots, but sophisticated photography-based digital art that cannot be achieved with automatic processes and requires significant time investments in manual retouching.

Although I am obsessed with marine life (particularly microscopic creatures and whatever glows in the dark), my photographic interests are growing and making my work more diverse and complex over time. Ultimately, I want people to see that we are part of a very big, complex, and beautiful universe that doesn't revolve around us.


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My production company routinely deals with high-end documentary projects, TV/Cinema commercials, displays, low-budget and corporate films. Please contact me to explain about your projects and ask about my rates.

List of clients/projects/WIP

Information about licensing and still image use can be found here. Video licensing/stock footage info on this page. My stock footage is available in Full HD, 4k, 5k+, and will soon be produced in 4k stereoscopic 3d.

Ocean Ark Alliance

Ocean Ark Alliance is not-for-profit organization dedicated to promoting and sponsoring marine education and the conservation of oceanic environments. I participate in its mission as a contributing Development Partner and also serve as its Director of Global Educational Endowments.

Fine Art Prints and Ocean Art

For those interested in purchasing a print: click here and find out more. The best way to fully appreciate the effort I have put in over years of hard work is to view large museum-quality pieces of my artwork. Most of my photographs were initially designed for large-print format, and meant to excite viewers from both long distance and upon close-up inspection - where numerous hidden details pop up. These details are invisible on tiny website previews.

Ocean lovers should also visit our Ocean Ark Alliance store that features top ocean artists and some of their exclusive works. Purchasing art from OAA contributes to ocean conservation and sponsors many important educational projects. The art store is under construction and will be filled with more content over nearest few years.

Please care about the dying reefs!

The oceans are in very bad state, suffer from overfishing, climate change, animal agriculture impact from the land, oil and mining industry greed, and poor management in most countries, including, surprisingly Australia whose government approved large-scale industrialization of the Great Barrier Reef.

Please visit Australian Marine Conservation Society and support their activity. And most importantly, be aware of simple choices you make in life. It does not take superhuman efforts to make a difference for a start (reduce red meat consumption, exclude products containing palm oil, etc).

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