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Daniel Stoupin

Daniel Stoupin is a nature cinematographer, photographer, and artist working at NUMA / BioQuest Studios in Australia.

His interest in photography (especially photomicrography) comes from the scientific background. Working with microscopic protists during his first research years and later swimming countless nights with glowing plankton in the ocean opened his eyes on the diversity and complexity of life that we can't see without tools. Our perception is too limited to be able to appreciate the surrounding world. That is why he uses his research skills and knowledge in optics to push the limits of digital imaging and disclose the beauty of nature invisible to our eyes.

Most of our images are not single shots, but sophisticated photography-based digital art that cannot be achieved with automatic processes and requires significant time investments in manual retouching.

Microworlds Photography started as Daniel's student hobby in 2011. Now the work behind the unique imagery involves efforts of a multi-disciplinary team of filmmakers, engineers, scientists, and photographers.

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